Wednesday, August 28, 2013

17 days...

~~Old post left in draft folder. Had to post it. It's too full of information that is too good!~~

It has been 17 days since I washed my hair. Washing in my world is just rinsing my hair out with baking soda and water, then rinsing it with vinegar and water. But, it's been 17 days since I did that.

I'm not gross. My hair doesn't have a smell. It isn't greasy. It isn't dusty/dandruffy. It doesn't look like I belong to a Rastafarian band, mon.

I don't know what your regimine is, but mine has sure taken a nose dive over the years. I really don't do much any more, and every day it looks better and better.

I'm happy. My man doesn't ever complain. And I get more compliments than I can carry in a basket made out of my own locks! (I shed so much I could knit you a sweater. Email me, I'll get you one by Christmas)

17 days don't look that bad, eh? Look at my 'seesters'. Aw! Preggo sis-in-law Jen in black and my hot tamale sis-in-law Liz. We're smiling because smiling's our favorite.

Go run!
Do you wash your hair often/less often?
Do you use a strange hippie method like I do?


-AprilG said...

BS/V almost exclusively for this girl too, but WAY more often than you. I'm down to about 2x per week, though. That's lots less than when I was using the poo.

Abby Kautt said...

I wash my hair about 1-2 times a week. Vigorous rinse with water, dry it and then apply either kinkykurly or avacado oil. I hand comb it, or use a large spacer comb. Works for me.

And yes, you *do* have gorgeous hair!