Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Happy new calendar day, and doing all the (favorite) things!!!!!

Happy new calendar day! September, we made it! I never thought I'd be glad to see summer come to a close, yet here I am rejoicing in the start of a FALL month. Yeesh.

This morning started out in a pretty exciting way. Ears ringing, lights flashing, heart pounding... No, it wasn't a pre-dawn date, I made it to the gym! Let me just put this out there on the line, I am OUT OF SHAPE. Readers, this blogger has gotten lazy fit instead of crazy fit. Things have got to get real. I'm not saying they are going to, just that they should. :)

We did our usual mix up of jump lunges, sumo squats, jump rope, box jumps, and of course, burpees. Gag. No really, she almost gagged in the gym. I couldn't help her because I was nearly passed out on the floor under a medicine ball.

I call it reverse weighted plank.

Dinner last night was a bit of a surprise, even for me. I knew I wanted to make pesto from all of the basil from co-garden, but I didn't know for sure if I'd get around to doing anything with it. After I made the pesto, I boiled a bag of wild garlic egg noodles, and got out all the salad stuff (most from co-garden too). It was very, very good. I'm told I make a 'mean pasta'. I'll take that!
Yoga Report: I stretched a little. It's a start...


What a weekend. Short, but great. I got to do so many of my favorite things, and/or see so many of my favorite people.

I'm glad you asked what and who!

I got to see my fave, and when a visit ends in tears AND laughing, that's how you know it's good. 4 stubbed toes, one pinched leg, a pile of dirty laundry, a bunch of tears, and some long belly laughs later, I headed north.

I went to see Prell first, and we kicked it off proper with the dirty iced chai of my dreams:

We went to E911s downtown location Drip. Oh thank you for always being there when I come to town...

After a super long visit with Al, the owner, and some random, caffeine charged chat, we started browsing the shops.

I bought some HiCaff tea for the dude, some wax cubes, tried lots of lotion samples, oohed and ahhed over some clothes and jewelry, got a couple gifts for upcoming birthdays or Christmas, and then we went junkin'.

I ended up scoring two old windows from Prell's personal junk pile, so I'll have an update on their use in the future.

After we were exhausted from shopping, we got the only kind of lunch that is acceptable on a day like that, GREEK FOOD!! Feta, garlic, EVOO, lamb, tomatoes, olives, hummus, whatever is your favorite. I could have eaten for days, but I always get full pretty quick.

I had the classic gyro, and Prell got what they call the veggie plate. Grape leaves, tabouli, hummus with pita chips, and ...I know what those other things are but I can't remember.  All good though, too much food, and so much flavor.

Finally we took a trip to Reasor's grocery store (wild girls) so I could have grocery store envy. Olive bar, salad bar, fish case....so jealous. They didn't have my Tazo chai concentrate though, which I thought was strange. I didn't buy anything there because I didn't want to tote it around for the next 24 hours, but I wanted so many of the things.

After we'd done all we could, and since it was 7pm, I headed to stay with the parental units. I spent the remainder of the evening hanging with my broseph, SIL, and nephews/niece. Bedtime rolled around to the tune of 12:30am (hey, it was Saturday), and I was happy to see the pillow.

Sunday coffee, Life cereal, and then church with ma, bro, SIL, and the kiddos. God speaks to us from all different churches, even the little country ones. Don't be afraid to step out of your normal congregation, you can find a great sermon from any of His bible preaching pulpits. Sunday's word was a great reminder of how little control we have, but how much freedom we abuse.

Mom and I made lunch, chicken tenders, rice and steamed veggies, for her, dad, and I. We made our way down the hill to do a little target practice, and then, it was time to roll the highway up.

I got home Sunday evening to find that something had enjoyed the ONE cantaloupe we had on the vine. I will find out who it was, and they will be made an example of.

After my angry rant in the back yard I relaxed until the dude got out of bible study. *(I have a new bible study starting this week, so stay tuned). Just a little catching up, and then everyone returned to their designated areas so we could get this week started.

I'm sure I've missed so many of the moments I enjoyed since Friday, but, there will be plenty more this week to share.

Thanks for checking back. I have co-garden updates, Galatians stuff, and I'm sure something pretty that I'll be blogging about as we go toward the weekend. Come back later!!

What did you do this weekend?

Where is your favorite place to be? 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Monday

So many good things over the weekend that I will fully recap tomorrow. For now, let's look at good things on a Monday.

Sleeping all night.
Stretching in the morning.
Iced chai.
High heels. 
Pesto plans.

I had a good weekend that was far too short, packed with adventures that were over far too quickly. There is no way to fit all of the people I adore into the same 2 days, so I missed out of some of my faves. God willing, there is always next weekend to soak up some love!

Get ready for some awesome plans coming up soon. Fall is upon us and I have some great things in line. The only bad part: too many good things, not enough time! I'm double-booked in my head a few times, so I have to choose between things and I really don't like doing that. I don't want to miss ANYTHING!

How do you choose?

Stay tuned for hunting, camping, weddings, birthdays, running, cooking, hammocking, cooking, traveling, and stuff!

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Friday with a side of TWPICK Thursday

I missed yesterday because of a loooong day as part of a new adventure. I made new friends, felt validated and important, I felt heard, and accepted. Those are all things that mean a lot to me. My love language is words of affirmation, so to be in a group that is driven by the idea of supporting a team is a dream for me.
I'm back at it today though.

I've gotten in a few miles this week, as I prepare for a 10K in October. Barring any unforeseen injuries, it should be a piece of cake. No running tonight though, because Operation Sink is in effect. Fingers crossed I get one home tonight, and then the wait to install begins.

Tomorrow I'll be traveling north again (sans guy) to see the family and finally taste that sweet, sweet coffee I've been craving. Maybe a little junking, and for sure a lot of girl talk with Prell.

This week has been a little off from the others, so I'm not full of fancy stories. That is a good thing I think. It's nice to step back now and then, and assess what you've got on your plate. Then, cover it with cheese and eat it all! ...not really. Or really.

I may pop in over the weekend with some teaser photos, but you know you can't expect anything certain out of me around here.

Have a great weekend, after you have a great Friday!

Read something. Eat good things. Kiss someone. Take a nap. Get outside. Be happy.

“My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
 for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant... Luke 1: 46-48

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's that for Wednesday, and dinner, and running, and whatever.

I ran last night. I hate running. It's too hot, and my feet are too heavy. I super didn't like it at all and wanted to never do it again.

I'm running tonight with the ladies from R4G.

I know, I'm either a total liar or a runner. We be that way.


After running I started to take a nap when my favorite guest showed up to check out the eats. I made an aged pork loin in the crock pot, and spinach salad, of course.

I had that for lunch today as well.

The crock pot really is a great invention. I have made so many things in there, and always forget how easy it is over the summer. Now that it's nearing fall, it will likely stay on my counter all season.

Dips, soups, breakfast casserole, baked potatoes, roast....

What's your favorite things to make in the crock pot?


Oh, yesterday was taco Tuesday! I didn't get street tacos, but I got something just as good:
CASA!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 Taco Lites to go, so I can eat them with as much sour cream as I want, at home.
What????? in Galatians

Oh the Word of God. So simple, yet so confusing. 

I'm staying in Galatians for a bit, to meditate on what Paul wrote, and try to see more of the pieces God is putting together. 

In chapter 1, we read:
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.

Here is my question to you (and Him, don't worry, I already asked God about this in prayer):

Paul says 'an angel from heaven'.  Does that elude to an angel someday coming down, from heaven, and preaching falsely? Is this a reference to the story of Lucifer? I know, and admit, that I know about 1% of the bible, so, am I missing something? I understand the overall point of Paul's warning, but what stuck out to me was that he specifically mentioned that false teaching could come from an angel from heaven.  So....

Tell me your thoughts.


 Here is my daily dose of 'I can't adult alone'. My after dinner snack, a huge iced chai...under all that whipped cream somewhere.

 Today's snack that held me over until my 2:45 lunch.

Mind. Blown.


What are you reading right now?

Do you like chai?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friends and cereal, and doing the few things.

Don't dust when you need to get up early the next day.

I dusted one room in my house, and it destroyed my eyeballs. I didn't know this until I woke up 2 hours late for the gym. 9pm bedtime, 7:15am wake-up, gooey eyes, and I'm stiff all over. ...I'm starting to think my extra firm bed may have been a bad choice.... shhh, don't tell anyone that I said that.


After a short 3 mile run last night, (gross), I cleaned up and started, well, cleaning up. I bought seasons 1 & 2 of Friends, so I had someone to keep me company. After I had grown bored with dusting, I had dinner: 2 bowls of cocoa dyno-bites, dessert: chips and salsa, and a snack: Greek Gods honey yogurt.

I know, we've been over this, I shouldn't be left to adult alone.

Yoga report: NONE.

I don't have much of a weekend report this week.

Friday night was for Whataburger, scooter rides, and naps.

Saturday we went to see my family, and that was stressful for me. Sister, niece, brother, SIL, nephews, (another) niece, mom and dad. I'm thankful to have such a great family, and that they were excited to see us. Looking back, I shouldn't have been so nervous. It all went well as far as I can tell.
Saturday evening we saw our friends sing at a local venue, and stayed up way past bedtime. There was some dancing involved, and a back cramp due to an impromptu dip at an odd angle. Thank goodness for my foam roller.

Sunday was church, food, laundry, and nonsense.

I felt like I didn't get much of a weekend, but I really accomplished a lot. Whatever. There's another one coming around.

p.s., I may have finally chosen a sink.... TBC

Monday, August 24, 2015

That lost feeling, it must be Monday.

I feel a little lost today. Do you ever wake up and just feel...lost? Did I sleep last night? Did I imagine that conversation? Was it a dream, or a memory? Am I tired or not?

I woke up shaking in the night, and I don't know why. I was too out of it to even try to understand. I feel like I didn't sleep, but I'm not exhausted. I could swear I had a conversation, or rather, a conversation was had with me, but I'm not certain.

I really don't like these types of days. My mind begins to dwell on things that may not have occurred, and I get all out of sorts.

I need some time on my yoga mat I think. To get my brain on the right track though, I had a green monster shake and some caramel macchiato almonds. That'll do the trick!


I had a long/short weekend. It was a bit stressful, and a relief at the same time. It's now created new peace, and new nerves. I'll tell you all about it once I've sorted it out in my head, but don't worry, it's all good, and all part of His plan.

Tonight I run. I have to start training for the 10k, and after that little bit of yoga last week, I was really sore. That's a bummer, and a push forward.

As you can see, everything today is both of something, and none of anything. I think I may be in a Full House episode...

Toodles til tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2015


Nope, I didn't run last night. Nope, I didn't run this morning. Did you? I didn't think so.

I did hit my yoga mat for about 30 mins last night. I may or may not have dozed off at the end while in Savasana. That yoga music station on Spotify gets me in a trance. My plan is to get back on track with my practice so that I can revisit the possibility of certification. We currently have NO yoga classes in my area, and I do have time to do it a few evenings each week and maybe a Saturday class. It would help me and others. Keep me accountable readers!!


Today may be Friday, but it tried to start out like a Monday.

This happened:

So I made this:

...and then everything was better.

I don't have any plans set for the weekend yet, but I'm hoping whatever happens, there is an iced chai involved.

Everyone has that one friend:

Do you yoga at home or with a group?

What's your favorite 'make it all better' drink? (alcoholic or non)