Monday, May 04, 2015

May the 4th be with you.

Do you know that it's Star Wars day? It is. You should know that. I know that's why you come to my blog, to find out these very important things.

I'm calming down from a whirlwind weekend. I visited my parents Friday night, and my ex-in-laws Saturday. I burned up the highway to get back in time for cutey-cuteys 3rd birthday Saturday evening. Can I have a birthday like a 3 year old? A spread of snacks, tons of gifts that I'm SUPER excited about, lots of friends and family, and a water gun fight! Adults should get to have this much fun too.

Saturday evening provided a relaxed vibe, which was very welcomed. Napping, and then sleeping. I think I liked that as much as cutey liked the Rescue Bots.

Sunday brought a great worship service, the kind that has you unable to contain your thanks for His grace. The praise band had it TURNT UP yesterday. You know when you want to jump up on the pew, look at the congregation and say "how are you standing still? Do you hear what we are saying to Jesus? Do you hear what He is saying to us?!" Garry is right, we should be out of breath after singing to our Lord! What are we saving it for? What is more important than letting Him know how much we love Him?

After service we had a lunch that tested the stitching on my jeans. Folf (that was a new word for me), the new Avengers: Age of Ultron, Chipotle, and little more folf wrapped the weekend.

There is a variety of subjects below for your reading pleasure. You must choose, but choose wisely.

(you don't really have to choose. you can read all of it if you'd like)
We're not worthy!
(about a movie, but really about our salvation)
((and maybe a Wayne's World reference))

I don't know much about comics. My closest brother didn't get into them, and neither did I. We were too busy burning ants, and carving paths through the woods. Over the past decade comic book characters have made quite an impact on the movie world though. For any of us that missed the comic boat growing up, we have a chance to live it out through cinema. I have seen a bunch of them, but not enough to pretend I understand the story of most. It's been hit or miss for me. This Spider-man movie, that Superman movie, maybe an Iron Man here or there. I did see the first Fantastic Four, I know that for sure. Last night I saw the aforementioned Avengers: Age of Ultron. That was pretty legit. I'm amazed at what CGI can do. 

(Spoiler alert!) I learned that no one, but NO ONE, is able to pick up Thor's hammer. Not because of a lack of physical strength, but that they are not worthy of doing so. Only Thor has the privilege. This movie blew that constant out of the water though. Vision, a created 'avenger', casually scoops up the hammer and tosses it back to Thor. I didn't catch the shock of this since I'm not knowledgeable of Thor's history. I got the lowdown from him though, and it made me think a little deeper than a comic strip. 

How can one who is not worthy, become worthy?

We're not worthy (pause, (hair behind ears), Alright!) to be along side God, to speak of or to Him, or to carry his 'hammer'. But we get to. Because He chose to give us that gift, we get to. Because His son died for us, we get to. Because He is so loving, so generous, so amazing, we get to. His hammer lays on the table, we need only to pick it up. Do you? Have you tried? Does the fear of it's weight scare you? Don't let it. He will help you lift it, wield it, and protect with it.

God's word is like Thor's hammer to the evil we face. It can destroy the wicked, and protect the innocent. You can either leave it on your table because you don't think you are worthy of it's power, or you can scoop it up, and toss it to the next person, sharing the good word, sharing the life saving power within it, and spreading it throughout the world. 

Pick up that bible, use the Word within it, and get to work! You ARE worthy. 


Frisbee golf, where have you been? I woke up today with a sore right shoulder/peck and I couldn't be happier about it. Aerobie was a fave time killer for me growing up, and folf is the grown-up version in my opinion. I had a blast traipsing through the weeds and scrub all over Munson Park with him yesterday. I haven't laughed so much while sucking so bad at something in a very long time. I admit I got overly tickled at him when he'd dogleg it way out to no where. Lucky for me he can laugh at himself, and not take things like this too seriously. We both are excellent at hitting the ONLY branch on the fairway, every.stinking.time. 


First 9: me 25, him: 13
Last 9: me 13, him 12

I got better. He still beat me. Good thing he's cute. 

(neither picture is representative of our skill or style, although both are super-sweet)
Growing things

The plants in our co-garden are doing great! We already have tomatoes on the chocolate cherry plants, the cucumber plants are getting whips, and the okra is still alive (whew). If I can't keep okra alive, I can't keep kids alive. This is the level that we are on, this is where okra ranks. I'm under a lot of pressure.

Do you remember me throwing my hens and chicks into the side flower bed in a fit of rage a year or two ago? Stupid things kept dying in the house. Get out! Stay out! I hope you die alone in the dirt! ...and then they came back. With a vengeance. They have been quite busy under the leaves...

Staying connected through the disconnect

This is just a quick shout-out to my ladies back home that have kept their promise to keep me in their hearts. When the divorce went through last year, I was afraid that our pact would be dissolved. We said in 2012 when the separation went into motion that we would never turn each other out. E is still going through her separation/divorce, J reconciled with her husband after a near divorce, M finalized her divorce last summer, and D is still hanging on through the good and bad (love is strong, but not easy). I'm so very thankful that they have all stayed a part of my life, despite the possibility of it being awkward. We may be women of this world, subject to selfishness and sin, but we are daughters of the most high King and sisters in Christ. Together we walk through the valley, and together we pass through the eye of the needle.


Did you catch all of my movieisms?

What worship song makes you just burst with praise?

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Happy new calendar day, the best coupon ever, and 9 hours of sleep

It's gonna be May!
Actually, it is May. 
Thanks JT for letting us know.

It's time for a trip to see the parental units. Living 2+ hours away makes it difficult to visit often. I'm so busy with work, running,, watching my coffee brew, uh, sleeping? I don't know. I really have no excuse other than 'I don't wanna', and we all know that excuse makes the cut in my book any day.

I'm making the drive today though. I have some hugs to give them. I also need to take a meeting with some long time acquaintances for a little life update. In the age of social media, where we can tell anyone (or everyone) our business instantly, I still believe that some things should only be shared in person. Those conversations require heart and soul. Some subjects should be given that respect; that's what I intend to do.

And maybe I also really want to go to E911 for some good coffee while I'm in Green Country. It's coffee people! You KNOW me. 

I'm ready to roll. I went to bed early last night (early like I used to do on a normal basis), which ended up in nearly 9 hours of sleep. Honk-shoo. Da best. 

Cheap fruit!

Want the best deal in town? The greatest discount around? Here it is, the coupon you've been waiting for:

This might be the worst upload on my blog to date. Please don't judge the rest of my posts based on this one choice. I really thought you'd like the share.

What is happening here?? 

Sometimes I just don't know what I'm involved in, but I like it. Sometimes I don't tell people I'm taking pictures, and I like it. Sometimes I don't know I'm taking pictures, and you like it.

 Liquid cheese. Now that's a cone of shame.

Yep. I'm all about this. This is the kind of thing I can jive with.
 Mmm, marathon prep. You do a lot of things you wouldn't normally do when prepping to run distance. Pedialite, extra rice cakes, feminine chaffing gel between the toes, 3 servings of pasta for dinner.

...wait. That last one is normal.
 I don't even know how or why my phone was this close to me, with the camera on. Am I wearing a chain choker? Is this the 90s? I'm not even 100% sure this is my face.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

It also helps you get more sleep, do laundry, pluck stray eyebrows, and finally go through your junk mail. 

It's the first of a month, and a Friday. 
Do you have anything good on your brain, or does that combination make you as lame as me?

What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Need To Breathe, you Need To Breathe, and I need to remind you it's KHAKI THURSDAY!

HELLO!  I hope you're wearing your khakis. If not, you may have your blog reading rights revoked! On second thought, you might be my only reader, on cargo shorts, or jeans, or maxi skirt, read on.

Are you thankful for today yet? Take a moment and let the thought sink in. Are you smiling yet? I am. I am tired. I would rather be laying on my couch than working. I'm certain that playing in the sun would benefit me more right now than sitting under these fluorescent lights.

I can think of a dozen things I'd rather be doing right now, but since I'm not doing those things, I'm going to rejoice in the right now. Won't you join me?

...there it is. Feel that smile? Yeah you do.

On to the stuff!
Just Breathe

Last night was the Need To Breathe concert in Grand Prairie. We had such a great time. Pit tickets gave us the opportunity to feel more involved in the experience. Standing for 4 hours on concrete is a bit rough (at our age...or he'd say my 'advanced' age) so I'm glad I wore semi-comfortable shoes.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors were a great opener. Their style reminded me of Ray LaMontagne (which you know I HEART), and set up the evening with a very chill vibe. Need To Breathe changed that though. They told us we were about to lose our minds, and we did. Well, at least the energy was high and I did see some fist pumping.

Not many bands sound good live. Need To Breathe delivered in a big way though. Spot on, on key, clear, awesome vocals. The light show behind them was amazing, and really added punch to the set. They had 2 trap sets, maracas, a banjo, and a harmonica. I get excited when bands have variety in instruments.

The venue was a good size. Not massive to the point you feel overwhelmed or lost. The parking was adequate, once you got into the lot. It was overpriced in my opinion though. You've already paid a pretty penny to get in, so I don't agree with $15-$30 for parking.

Getting to the Verizon theater was a little frustrating. Everywhere in Texas is plagued by construction and accidents. This combination, on top of it being rush hour, made for some tense moments. Getting back to the highway (the easy way) was just as troublesome, as it was late, we were tired, it was dark, and people in Texas don't know how to not be jerks on the road. We did finally get on 75N, and out of the monster-plex metroplex. Thank you Love's for Cosmic brownies and Mountain Dew.

Overall I give the night a big thumbs up. It was energetic, fun, bright, and positive. Aside from a few spilled drinks on the floor, and some seriously poor dance skills to be witnessed, I'd say everyone had a good night. I know I did.

(there is that dumb smile again)


Co-garden didn't wash away in our week of rain. It's beginning to look strong and healthy.
I've been put to task to make sure the okra survives, as it is a serious matter. Serious. Okra or death.

The remainder of the week and weekend I'm booked up with things, but I have to squeeze in a little farming time. Since the plants are all getting tall I need to stake them asap.

Although we usually pray for rain in southern Oklahoma, I'm praying for sunshine right now. I need that ground to dry up just a little. Lord, don't send a drought though, I'm sure that would be my fault....

Being rooted in your faith is often compared to a big, strong tree. Deep down you should have a system of strongholds, keeping you grounded, upright, and stable. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Putting your faith roots in Him will always be the right choice.

In many other areas of life I think we should be rooted like an okra plant. Put there with intention, praying for growth, and in need of care. Strong and purposeful, but not so immovable that we would damage those around us to make our foundation. We must be willing to lean on others, to be staked if you will, in order to carry on. Roots deep enough in ourselves that we know what and who we are, but not so deep that we can't be transplanted if it is beneficial. In your weakness He is strong. Be flexible, be vulnerable, be wounded.

I'm learning so much about me in taking the time to observe others. I have had myself so rooted in my own ways, my own views, that I probably didn't realize how many times I hurt someone because I wanted things my way. Crawling down from my mighty oak has allowed me to be more tender, and much more patient. Anger, stubbornness, pride. These were a few of my favorite things. Prayer has helped me to leave those old leaves behind; I now (try to) clothe myself in understanding, patience, and kindness. You don't know how much it can please someone just to have you be calm. Negativity feeds off of negativity. If you can create a peaceful and safe environment, the other 'okra plants' will likely grow and thrive.



You learn new things everyday. What have you learned lately?

Is there someone that is helping tear down walls in your life? Do they know?

Stay rooted. Shallow in you, deep in Christ.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My best advice

Wednesday, Wednesday, how are you?

We're about half-way through the week and I'm already 100% done for the day. Some days I really want to stay in bed with my dreams. I didn't get quite enough sleep last night, but what I got was wonderful. It's my own fault for being drowsy today, so I can't be upset. Thank God I had a comfy bed to rest in, and a roof over my head. Now if only He would allow me to stay there longer sometimes. :)

Today is the Need to Breathe concert. I'm totally pumped. Who wouldn't want to make the drive with a great guy by their side? Spending the evening worshiping and rocking out. I already have my big, dumb girl smile on. (shh, don't tell him, he'll tease me about my googly eyes again)

Check back tomorrow for my concert review in one of my favorite posts: Khaki Thursday! I love my weekly traditions...

Things that make you go..."oh no, stop talking"

Advice:  recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct; counsel

I am not good at this. I have a good head on my shoulders. I make sound, researched, and calculated decisions. I'm not a hothead, I'm not quick to decide things. I like to look at all of my options, my future consequences, and make the most logical choice.

Giving this advice for your situation...well, that doesn't work so well. I am a FANTASTIC listener. I can listen to your anger, worry, depression, disappointment, concern, confusion, and desires forever! I can agree with you, I'm not afraid to confront you when I think you're being unfair, or incorrect. What I can't do is pump you up. I seem to give the 'it's going to get better; look on the bright side; there's your silver lining; it could be worse' speech, but it doesn't really help anyone. I just say awkward things that don't make sense to anyone. Lord how I wish I was good at giving advice. I feel like a failure when I can't make someone see the upside. 

What I can do is compliment you. I can tell you how wonderful you are. Why you are important to me. How you make my day/life turn around. My hope is to never turn the conversation on to myself and seem self-absorbed. My intention is always to make you smile.

Do any of you battle with shortcomings like this? Do you desire to be really good at something that is good, but you're just really bad at it?  Have you given up on your attempts after a season of them not working?

God gives all of us gifts. Compassion is so beautiful. I'm full of it, but I'm not good at delivering it. This makes my face sad.

Uh, but don't try to make me feel better in the comments if you're terrible at it like me. Duh, that won't help. You're a terrible person, remember? 



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Busy week?... and doing all the things! (obviously)

Ah Tuesday. Not Monday anymore, but not quite the end of Friday. 
(that was a stretch, I know)

 I don't have a lot of meat for this post this week. The last 7 days were all about the prep for last weekend. Now I'm trying to look forward toward new plans.

~ I've got a full agenda this week with a doctor appointment, a dentist appointment, a concert, and a trip to see my parents. Hopefully I'll also get to pop in to see some oldies but goodies while in town Saturday morning. There is a 3 year old birthday party Saturday afternoon for his cutey, cutey nephew. Plus, it's the weekend!! So many good things can happen; such as food, naps, sunshine, and stuff.

~ Concert!!!!! We're going to see Need To Breathe. This makes me so happy. You don't even know. It's going to be awesome. I promise to tell you all about it. I could list all of their songs that speak right to me, but I'd basically just be listing most of their discography. Check them out if you've never done so, it's worth it.

~ Just a little report about my half-marathon recovery. Soreness is but a memory. No stiffness. All good! Hopefully going for a nice shake out run on Thursday. I'll let you know my distance and how I felt. I know you like to hear about those things. Feelings.

Really thoughty things

On my mind today is the subject of grudges. We all have had them before. It was called to my attention today that I've been holding on to one in my heart. It took someone else calling it out for me to see it for what it was. I had been justifying it for some time, but didn't see that it was honestly a useless, energy-sucking, sinful grudge. Now I have to work on letting it go. Maybe this is part of what has stunted my prayer life lately. God sees these sins in us, and if we continue to ignore or deny recognizing them, He'll send someone to point it out. We can't move forward until we get that wall out of our way. Thank you, you, for having the courage to tell it like it is.


 I must not be very creative because I'm VERY tidy.

Yep. Cereal. Every time. Last night I went for cereal, the milk was expired. So I had iced tea, and went to bed. 

Thank goodness this exists in other places than my world. Often I try to decide how long is long enough before answering so I don't look like I'm doing absolutely nothing but holding my phone and waiting....other times I read it....and next week think of a response.

Doing this! Who wants to join me? We need accountability.

Buh-huh-huh-huh-huh. Trooth.

He's so cute. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

OKC Memorial Run to Remember

I did it!! I ran my first half-marathon!

Official time 3:13:55. This included a 14 minute stop at the port-a-potty and 5 2-minute stops. Runner friend was having trouble with her feet cramping so she had to adjust her shoes and stretch a bunch. We promised to not leave one another during our first half-marathon, so I would run on, then run back and get her. I only actually stopped when she had to take the potty break, as I knew it would get me too far ahead if I went on. Minus those delays, I would have finished around 2:49, averaging 12:50/mile. I am very happy with that thought.

Let's review the experience.

OKC Run to Remember is rated in the top 12 "must run" marathons by Runner's World. I would agree. There were so many great points that I don't think I'll be able to list them all. Here is a good overview though!

General organization: The set up, signage, and announcements were top notch. At 5am when you're half awake and cold, it's nice to not feel lost. There was ample parking, downtown OKC was very well lit, and the signs for gear check and start corrals were HUGE. I was upset that the parking was cheaper nearer the start line as I assumed it would be higher, so I parked further away than I had to. Boo. Also, they could have put more port-a-potties near the start corrals so that we didn't have to trek 6 blocks to wait in line so close to the start of the race. ...1st world problems.

Course: We ran through some of the most amazing neighborhoods in the city. We also ran past OU Medical Center, the state capitol, and numerous parks. Oh, did you know you also get to run through Bricktown right out of the gate? It's fantastic. The course is a bit hilly, but not unbearable. My thought process says more uphill equals more downhill. The pavement was decent over the entire course with just a few rough patches. I didn't run the full marathon so I can't say that for all of it, but the half was good, solid road.

Course support: This paragraph could not encompass all of the amazing things I saw along the way. The race organizers had a massive amount of water/gatorade stations, as well as medical aid. Added to that were at least 100 extra groups of neighbors, spectators, and local clubs volunteering to help out. Water, gatorade, powerade, orange juice, beer, various shots (I know I saw vodka/oj and mimosa shots), pretzels, cookies, mini candy bars, oranges, bananas, and (my favorite) pineapple chunks. I lost count of the number of drum lines, costumes, and free high-five stations. The guy in the pink blazer and zebra pants with chilled champagne was fabulous. Just waiting on a lady to take a seat with him. And the signs! Thank you everyone for the signs! I wish I could have gotten a picture of all of them. If you run, you know what I mean. If you don't here is a short list:

~Your sport is punishment in other sports.
~You run better than the government.
~You aren't running slow, you're enjoying the course.
~Even Chuck Norris can't run marathons.
~I trained for 6 months to hold up this sign.
~Never trust a fart.
~Run random stranger.
~You think your feet are tired, imagine how your sports bra feels.
~(at almost the 4 mile mark) You only have one 5k and one 10k left to go!!!
~It sounded like a good idea 4 months ago.

The list goes on and on. You really get a sense of support out of those. Laughing along the way helps take your mind off of the task. Thank you to everyone along the way that cheered, screamed, waved, and encouraged.

Finish line: Coming over that last hill and seeing the big, green banner was breathtaking. After crossing the finish line you are ushered through the gates and into the resting area. The Ice House was so awesome. Plenty of chairs, coolers of bagged, crushed ice. Tons of staff on hand to saran wrap ice to you anywhere you needed it. You get the usual foil wrap, water, cookies, Kind bars, fruit, etc. Finisher medals were handed out as you passed through. Finisher photos taken. More tshirts. Just a ton of attention, and a little too much stimulation. It was a madhouse, but it was great.

Afterwards we made our way back to the gear check. I passed on the post-race massage as the line was forever long. There were numerous free food and drink tents, but I was fine with my water and Oreos. After retrieving my personal items I made my way back to my truck, and on to my friend's apartment for a shower. I was surprised at how great I felt; very little soreness or stiffness. I was mostly sad that it was over.

I tried to keep my Instagram and Facebook updated as the race went on. Checking in to see the support online put a big smile on my face. I had some great friends there at the finish line, and he followed me on his bike all along the course. I may have almost disqualified myself to get a quick kiss for good luck...(shhh xoxo) Support really is key for runners. We can train like crazy, but if no one supports us, we really can get worn down quickly. Thank you all for believing in my weird love for running.

 No chocolate??? What a ripoff!

We are only 362 days from the 2016 Run to Remember. If I want to run the full marathon, I have to get on my training NOW! No, I kid. I'm taking a few days off. I do plan to do the full next year. I'll be doing a few 1/2s this year in preparation, so keep a close eye on me to see how I do!

That right there is called braggin' rights yo. -->


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Marathon Prep and things that you can read or not. Your choice.

4/19/2015: 20th Anniversary of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in OKC, OK.

4/26/2015: Run to Remember in honor of the 20th Anniversary.

The first Run to Remember was in 2001 with just under 5,000 participants. Today it has grown to over 25,000 runners/walkers.

This will be my first entry. I am running the half. As I write this I am overcome with emotion. I received my confirmation email just moments ago with my bib number. I can't believe it. I'm in a marathon known around the world. A very public stage where I get to participate in a very personal experience. Giving my all to do what I love, for no one but myself. An opportunity to push through my own pain and doubt in an attempt to reach a finish line that, at this time, seems so very far away. I am scared and nervous. No doubt these are the same emotions that run through each person upon facing adversity, tragedy, and eventually the hope for a future from behind its shadows. We face giants every day. The state and nation faced a giant on 4/19/1995, and since we have all risen out of that rubble and created a new dawn.

Don't wish me the best of luck, I already have that on my side. Instead use your positive thinking ability to search yourself for ways you can advance in life by facing your 'giant'. No matter your situation, no matter how dark, there is a finish line. And likely you will have a big crowd to cheer you along the way.

Marathon Prep
The food part 

I have read about marathon training and prep for a few years. I have not necessarily stuck to the plan. I'm running a half, and while that is not a simple task, it's also not a full marathon. That puts you body in an entirely different category for preparation. I also am not running for time, just completion. I won't be as depleted as some by the end because I won't push nearly as hard as I could. Having said that, I do know that I have to be fueled well ahead of time, and that's what I'm doing! 

Boiled eggs, chicken, and tons of water this week. 

My favorite daily snack, as well as what will probably be my pre-marathon breakfast: Honey peanut butter and rice cakes! 

I did all I could. I tried to save as much PB as possible. At some point you have to admit you can't do anymore and walk away. Time for a new jar.

It seems my wireless mouse likes the same kind of PB as I do. 

(I promised him that I didn't lick the PB off the mouse this time. I get those looks when I eat bread that I dropped on the restaurant table, or lick the inside of the lid on things. Or when I eat bacon that I find in the seat of my truck...)

Unless it's a half marathon. Then you can go halfway.
Administrative Professionals Day!
(Also Earth Day)

It's Admin Pro day, so go say thank you to your nearest receptionist, accounting clerk, office staff member or (ahem) Office Manager. We know how much you appreciate us. We know that you understand how hard we work. We know that you are truly sorry for making us want to push people into traffic. (not!) At least we get one day on the calendar when we are allowed to gloat about our awesomeness. 

DON'T FORGET ABOUT US. We may just forget about you on payroll day...

I always, always try to get something really cute, useful, and fun for my girls. Here is this year's loot:

 Cute little baskets in different prints from Hobby Lobby. I was able to find binder clips in matching or complimentary prints also.

A 'One-line-a-day" 5 year journal so they can write how amazing I am every day of the year. Some local jam from the famous Peanut Shoppe. A sweet smelling foam soap from Bath and Body Works; who doesn't love that place?!

Oh, and cute little post-its in the shape of word bubbles. That makes it an actual work gift, right??

Enjoy ladies!! Thank you sooooo much!

I didn't do anything for Earth day this year. I'm just hoping the hail coming this afternoon doesn't pummel my garden into the Earth.


No blog post would be complete without a few random memes to make you giggle or nod in total agreement.

True yesterday, today, and forever.

I want that too...and Fritos, and pizza, and iced coffee, and tacos, and fried pickles, and dark chocolate, and tacos, and cheese, and chocolate cake, and tacos.

I know someone that would agree with this. 

Get out there sunshine, go into the world. Do not be afraid. You are wonderful, I just know it.