Friday, May 22, 2015

Floods, faking it, and Fridays

Are you as sick of the flooding as we are?? No? Alright! I'll talk about it more.

Yesterday was dry most of the day, but Friday has brought more rain. Driving over the lake bridge was eerie. The water level last night was just shy of 6ft below the bridge. We are forecast to receive rain through Wednesday.

Our dam was wide open yesterday, and still very close to the edge.

Our own little Niagara.

(photos courtesy of my ATSneighbor. Ok, I didn't ask for permission, but he had them on FB, and I'm mentioning it here. Please don't sue me, I'm poor.)
Ananias and Sapphira

Oh, this story is so wicked scary. This couple thought they were just trying to protect themselves. They sold their property with plans to give the money to the mass following Peter, but they wanted to keep a little back for themselves. That doesn't seem so strange. A little selfish, but a safety net isn't the worst idea, right? Plus, the husband and wife made a decision together, like we are supposed to do. God would surely be satisfied with us planning for the future AND working as a team. Right?

Well.... He gives us everything, and everything is for His glory. We talked earlier this week about sharing. You may not always be able to share, but when you are prompted to give all you have, being assured you will receive your share in return, you should trust in the Lord that He will provide. 

Don't be selfish. Don't lie to God. Don't try to lie to God's people. You may fool them, but you won't fool God, and you can never escape Him calling you out on it. Don't fake your faith, and He won't fake His forgiveness.
In case you are unaware, it's Friday. It's a 3 day weekend! Hooray!

I have yet to secure any plans, but I'll be sure the eat too much, nap a lot, and maybe see some family. I rarely have a 3 day weekend, and when I do I'm usually camping or paddling around the lake. Due to the weather, those are both activities that will not be happening. 

Get out there and have some fun, but remember what Memorial Day is honoring. 

Come back next week and let me know what you did.


 My favorite part of Song of Solomon.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

TWPICK Thursday, sharing is caring, and a few littles.

Happy ThoseWhitePantsICallKhaki Thursday! I'm working from my second office today, so they don't know that my pants are the same pants I wear EVERY Thursday. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

It's still raining, our spillway is about to spill over, and the sky is grey. I doubt I'll get to the lake this weekend. Alligators, snakes, and closed roads are killing the summer vibe. It's opening weekend of lake season and we're all super bummed.

Trust me, 8 weeks from now we'll be in a drought. Stupid weather.

Sharing is Caring
Did you know that the believers in Acts sold their belongings and shared the money with each other as needed? They used everything they had to make sure everyone was equal and taken care of. No hunger, no lack.
Our world seems to be geared toward obtaining and maintaining, rather than sharing. We teach our children to share at a young age, but somewhere down the line we begin picking and choosing what we share and with whom. What good is a big house if it sits empty? What good is all the food in your pantry if you don't even eat it? What good is your second vehicle if it's never driven?
Many people go homeless, hungry, and lonely through every day of their life. I'm not saying you have to open your home to strangers, but maybe open your home to someone in your circle, whenever they need it. Maybe they want to have family meals once a week with extended family, but they don't have room. Share your home. You may know someone that doesn't qualify for assistance, but can't afford to feed their family like you can. Do you have groceries you know you won't use? Make a delivery! You don't have to sell your second vehicle and give the money away, but if you know of a neighbor that has been stranded and on foot, hand over the keys. You do pay for insurance for a reason....
It is hump we have trouble getting over. We don't want to give things away that we like, and we fear damage or loss if we lend them out. However, everything we have was given to us by God, for use in His kingdom. You can hang on to it and be satisfied that you have it, but I guarantee there is greater joy in giving. Maybe just give it a try...
Little of this, little of that
Delivery chicken came by last night. Another dozen eggs. I like delivery chicken a lot.

You probably don't know about my secret coffee challenge I have had with my across-the-street neighbors, as I was blog-silent for most of 2014. They moved in last summer, and I started my own competition to beat them to the porch every weekend morning for coffee. You're the winner if you're there to wave first. (It got a little sad being alone all the time)
Anyway, these are the same neighbors that ignited d├ęcor envy in this post. Yesterday they were eating lunch on the porch, so we decided to one-up them: we had dinner on the porch last night. You're move neighbors....
It's extra fun because they happen to be his good friends.
I forgot to show you what I bought! I finally got throw pillows for the living room. I also bought some kitchen towels, and a glass container for my guest room toiletries. Oh, and a new sheet set. Now I have 2 1/2 sets. I'm so grown up.
This was the same day that I was in ATSneighbors house. I won't admit that I bought this stuff as a result.
Have a super, great, awesome, fantastic Thursday.
Find something to smile about.
Don't be afraid of giving, but don't be afraid of receiving either. It doesn't make you weak. It means someone loves you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why the face Wednesday, caught in the Act, and I hate running.

I'm already done with today. It's only 10:15am, and I'm done.

I know you feel me on this. I was awake a lot during the night with the weather, it was pouring at 5am so I missed my morning run/walk, I couldn't make it to the gym, and then I had to get out of bed and adult. Puh...

There is a season for all things, and today's season is for not doing any of the things I should do.

Thank goodness 'Prell will be here late tonight, she can relate to my lack of enthusiasm.

Caught in the Act

Peter and John were arrested for preaching the truth about Jesus. They stuck together, they didn't back down, they looked the council in the eye and told them to judge but they would still tell everyone who Jesus really is.

We spend our days working, playing, loving, fighting, sleeping, eating, etc. We are so busy doing what we 'have' to get done, and likely never see the end of that list. If I were to be arrested and thrown in jail, what would I have been caught in the act of? I can tell you with almost certainty that it wouldn't be preaching. I wouldn't be caught and arrested for telling people about Jesus. I wouldn't stand before a council and explain to them that I would continue to preach, and they could continue to judge. Not because I'm not willing to, not because I don't believe. I'm simply busy doing everything else. I'd more likely be caught cleaning, blogging, sleeping, or worrying. Maybe running and cursing my Pandora for not working.

Peter and John were doing what they were called to do. I think it helped that they had each other. Iron sharpens iron right? When we stick together, we encourage each other.

Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.
 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. (Ecc 4:9-12)

In stress, in joy, in exercise, in blogging, in anger, in everything...don't try to do it alone. In ministry, definitely don't do it alone. God gave us each other for a purpose: strength. He didn't call the one disciple, he called the 12. He knows we are stronger together.

As far as getting caught in the act, I know I need to work on being more Christ-like. I need accountability because I'm a human full of sin and failure. I hope that someday I can become the kind of woman that would be caught preaching, or walking so close to Christ that you can't tell if it's Him or me, that I would be so loving and so rooted in the Word that there is no doubt where my faith lies. Let's all work on this with intention. You know me and acts of intention. If you're going to do something, you'd better be doing it with purpose and not just out of habit. Habits are about as useful as a $1 can opener.

(Go read Acts, the entire book. It's fantastic.)
Running is a terrible idea

I quit! I quit running. I quit. I ran 3 miles Monday, bad idea. Pandora kept screwing up, and you know I can't run without tunes. I cut 2 miles off of my route because I was mad. My rear looked huge under my hot pink tank. My shoes felt tight. It was really humid. My feet got wet. I ran out of water. Bah!

Sunday when I was on my board I at least had a P.F.D. to cover my G.U.T, but I realized I never have anything to hide my B.U.T. ...(ok, I know that's spelled wrong, but we had a thing going there, didn't we?) So Monday I ran. Whomp, whomp, whomp. That's what my hiney did as I chugged down the street. Mind you, I'm not self-conscious about it, I'm thrilled about my shape. I just realized how prominent it is at times. In a swimsuit, under fluorescent green shorts, or with a hot pink running tank bouncing off of it. No wonder dad refers to me as Kardash. All I can say, is if I wear a large at VS....wowzers.  

That's not why I hate running though. I hate running because I love it and it makes me mad. We're in a relationship.  Stupid love of things. 

I made myself feel better with this:

Some stuff to make you feel better 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I sweat, a time for everything, and doing all the things!!

Tuesday has arrived. It's cloudy, it's humid and it's payday. I am not as excited about that as everyone else. Why? You know why, because I'm the payroll lady! I do get lots of compliments on this day, I get the good parking spot, and someone usually offers to get me lunch. It's not 100% bad, but ooooh, talk about things that put me out on that ledge.

Enough about that, I've been busy over the last week. You look like you're ready to read, so here we go!
Totes ma Zotes
I sweat. A lot. My sweat is not made of lavender oil and unicorn glitter, like I wish. It's gross. It stains things. Barf.

I know you probably think I'm super perfect because I sound so amazing in my blog. My life is so awesome that you should have plastic surgery to look like me, and you spend countless hours journaling about how you want to be me when you grow up.  Accounting is your life goal, turning 29 for the second time...(or third, or fourth) sounds so fun, eating sour cream as a main course; it all seems so dreamy.

Don't be me. I sweat. A lot. So let's talk about that.

Thank you Zote for keeping my whites white. I'm sure Rue21 was banking on making their billions off the fact that I should have to replace my tanks and tees weekly. Thank you $0.96 Zote for helping keep the cushion in my pushion. ...wait...wallet? (note to self: don't try to rhyme everything)

Before (left) and almost done (right) Leah's underarms were really tan, they came out white as snow. And everywhere that Leah went, the Zote is sure to go.
If you have my problem, caused by inherited sweat glads (thanks dad) and laziness (you know I fail to rinse my tanning spray off on the reg), then you probably have whites that need serious help. If you haven't used Zote (or Fels-Naptha), get on it. Just slice a piece off, rub into the fabric with water, and viola! You can also grate it into the washer to boost whitening for the entire load.

Do it. Stop being gross.
Time for everything

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us how there is a time for everything. Grief, joy, anger, love, ..... Whatever has already been will be again. We are living in an exact moment that has happened before, and will happen again. My struggles have been shared over the course of time, and will not perish with me, but will strike the head of another. I am not separated from the world by my problems, but rather, bound to everyone in them. Knowing that I am not alone makes getting through the hard times easier. But my favorite part is that my joy, my success, my love, my 'time to dance' (Ecc 3:4b), is shared by others as well. If I'm happy, then others are happy. If others are happy, imagine if we all shouted out with joy together! What a day that would be. Share your happiness. 

Wanna know what I've been up to? Well, just hold on to your pork-pie hats, because this is gonna blow your mind!

Last week I got to discover my neighbors cutie-pie house, and to top it off, they left this is my mailbox as a "thank you" for helping them out. How can everything be so dang cute with them? If you come to my house in 20 years, I'll still have this card on my table. It's much much cuter than my favorite fox. 

Friday night was a time for learning. I got to see first hand how summer sausage is made. In my own kitchen!!! You know I'm a savory girl, so anything with seasoning, spice, or cheese gets me going. This had it all. The process was involved, and took a lot of time. I was most impressed with the professional equipment he had to make it. This wasn't just a pinterest idea he wanted to try, this is something he has put time and effort into learning and preparing. By midnight we had over 30lbs of regular, cheese, and jalapeno-cheese sausage. He smoked it on Saturday, and now my refrigerator (and its contents), and my hands constantly smell of heaven. 

Saturday my friend and I went to Allen for some girl time. Really we wanted new swimsuits, and that went about as well as it goes for any woman: we ate Chipotle and bought things that hide our hips. *Ting!* 
I did pick up a few things here and there, and came home to a delivery that made my day better.

Don't you just LOVE Anthro? I want to live in the store. The kitchenware, the bedding, the clothes, the perfume... It's me, for more money.
Thank you VS for leaving me a box of happy on my porch, and thank you neighbors for not stealing it.

After returning from shopping I put myself to task on the lawn. Now, he has graciously taken over this responsibility, on his own, without my prompting. I thoroughly enjoy him taking the manly role and providing the service, but I shouldn't just stick my head in the grass and assume it's his 'job'. So, after the 11 inches of rain we've had this month, I had a prairie growing, and only a small window of clear skies to get it trimmed down. He had a tree to remove, a house to clean, a lamp to make, his own yard to mow, and about 114,637 other things to work on. So I mowed my own lawn, and like I anticipated, I got in trouble for it. :) This is the kind of trouble I don't mind. A girl could get used to this kind of trouble. I did promise to not lift a finger the rest of the summer, but instead I'll spend my time in our co-garden.

After getting back on the Braum's horse Sunday for after church lunch, I headed out to the lake with my SUP. Oh happy day! You don't even know how much this soothed my soul (and my soles) to be back out on that board. It was an escape for me last year. I found myself among the waves, and learned to forget the pain I had carried for so long. The sun, the sand, the just has a way of bringing the smile out of my depths. Don't get me wrong, I have had a fantastic year so far, but my heart is never far from the lake. Isn't it magical how our life has so many compartments, and so many different things can make us happy in different ways, and usually none can satisfy in place of another.


(A head of lettuce swam by me. It requested that I not post it's picture as it was in the nude.)

In my domestic moment this weekend I made strawberry/cream cheese croissants. Don't be too impressed. The croissants had been in a tube in my refrigerator for months, and I'm not certain what year the cream cheese came from. ...kidding. (maybe). Since we had so many strawberries, and only so much time for ice cream, I wanted to make use of them while ripe and not molded. Best breakfast pastry of the day. They weren't Panera quality, nor would you find them at the Corner Bakery when you go out for brunch. They were wonderful for generic, overdue ingredients on a random morning. Pinterest not-total-fail. See where we differ? He has the supplies, the equipment, the instruction. I have an idea and about 35 mins of free time. Wasn't I always the planner? The prepared (and often over-prepared) one? The careful calculator?

Sunday night we shared a Monte Cristo and watched Mad Max: Fury Road. What can I even say about this? It was intense (the movie, not the sandwich) About 10 minutes in it became a death race across the sand, and continued, full throttle, for another 90 minutes. I probably looked like I had just gotten too much Botox the entire time; perma-surprise face! Go see it if you have a chance. If you like guns, speed, explosions, and guitars, you'll be pleased.

As you can see I had a busy week/weekend. I accomplished a lot, learned a lot, relaxed a lot. I don't think I got any naps in, which now, looking back, is disappointing. I'm sure you are saying 'good, I'm glad you didn't get to do something awesome like nap, you fun-having dirtbag'. Don't hate.
One funny

Phils-osophy is so true.

The 3rd Degree

Ok, what did you do last week/weekend?

Any recent Pinterest successes or failures?

Do you SUP?

Monday, May 18, 2015

All good things must come to a Monday, decisions, decisions, and you're going to love tomorrow!

I'm here with iced coffee.
Late night at the movies.
I have court today.
My hair sucks.
This was the first conversation I had at work today. I couldn't even unwrap my straw without difficulty this morning. 
I had a such a great weekend that it absolutely HAD to end in a Monday. Just my luck. I'll let you know all about it tomorrow, this way you have another 24 hours to prepare yourself for how jealous you'll be of my doings.
 When it rains, it floods
We had a relatively dry weekend here, but that did nothing for the lake level. We are set to crest on Wednesday, the water should be over the spillway by that time. If so, it will be the first time it has flooded since 2007 (also known by some as 'the best summer of their life'). I've never seen the lake this high, so it's all new to me. I drove across this bridge yesterday when it was dry around 6pm. This picture was taken today around 7am.

I'll post more pictures as the the water rises. Hopefully I'll make a trip to the lake today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Make up your mind

Life is full of decisions. No matter the subject, almost every moment probably involves a decision. What to eat, what to wear, where to live, where to go; saying yes or no is constant in our lives, and often done without much thought. We put a lot of thought into some situations though; careful calculation, weighing all options. What helps you make your choice in the BIG decisions?

Some of your decisions will affect others without you even knowing it. Today I followed through with a decision I made, as a result of a decision someone else made that affected me. They knew their decision would change the course of my life, but until today, I didn't think about how my decision might change the life of someone else. I'm not clear how or if it might, but I started thinking about all of my choices, and how they interlace with everyone. How much are we changing lives?

Where do you live? Did you buy a home? You have affected the neighbors around you just by moving in. What do you drive? Did you buy a new vehicle? You have affected the lives of those you dealt with in that process. If you traded a vehicle in, you changed the life of someone else because they were able to purchase it. Where did you buy the outfit you're wearing today? That 'thank you' that you gave the cashier might have made their day. These choices to live, drive, and buy things seem personal at the time, but you never know how much you may be changing the course of someones life by making a choice for yourself.

Be careful what you do, because you are touching the lives of others. Pray for clarity, pray for certainty, pray for all of your decisions. In the end we will see how our choices panned out. You can't decide for someone else, but what you choose for you will in some way make a decision for others.

You must choose, but choose wisely.


Everyone probably needs a good laugh today. Whether you had a great weekend and you're bummed to be back at work, or you had an awful weekend...and you're bummed to be back at work.

 (pardon the language)

I have no excuses, but I'll keep making them.>
The 3rd Degree

What BIG decisions have you made lately?
Can you think of an insignificant choice you have made that might have been a big thing to someone else?

What do you do during the summer for fun?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Showing me some love!

I don't post on weekends typically, because that is my down time. But because of all of you, I wanted to do a mini-post shout out to my readers.

Ya'll have been showing me some major love lately. Just check out the number of views on a past post! It just got me smiling.

Enjoy your weekend, I'll see you back here for a Monday recap!

Friday, May 15, 2015

It's finally here, I finally did it, and they took away all the fun.

It's finally here! It's finally here! No, I don't mean my most recent Amazon order. ...although, that is on it's way...

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Oh, thank you Friday for showing up on time. This hasn't been a long week, or a tough week, or a slow week. It has just been a weak week. Sunday was good, but you remember the headache situation. Then 4 days of just blah. I've had some good points to the week, no doubt, but it's just been a bit lame.

The weekend is upon us, so let's jump in!

Will run for Pi(e)

Here you go. Proof that I finally went to the gym. Proof that I ran on the dreadmill treadmill. Proof that I will find some way to make a lame math joke, no matter what.

I didn't intend to run for pi, but I guess my brain/body is just made to go the distance. (that was a cake joke too, did you get it?)

No fun allowed

How are we supposed to let our hair down and cut loose come the weekend when we have rules like this?

Thanks to whomever ruined it for everyone.

Happy Face
Maybe you've been here over the past 11 years. Through the times I posted, and the times I didn't. You hung around after I deleted posts that brought back bad memories, and you've waited until I published things I was willing to share. During all of this, I have changed a lot. 

Last night as I sat on my bed in the quiet I realized how happy I really am with me. 

~I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I'm proud of my failures. 
~I've bounced back from some big knock-downs. 
~I've listened to God's call (not all the time, but often). 
~I've learned to laugh at myself almost as often as others laugh at me. 
~I don't take myself nearly as seriously as I used to. That gem alone has driven my stress level waaaay down. 
~I've stopped requiring that everyone tell me every detail to everything all the time.
~I don't plan every minute of every day. If I find myself alone all day/night with nothing to do, I enjoy it!
~I've learned to take naps. Thank you C for teaching me the value of just giving in to that.
~I found 'me time' in running, gardening, and coffee drinking. I also enjoy sharing these times with others. 

Are you happy with you? What makes you unhappiest and what makes you happiest? Did you know that being unhappy with yourself is a huge waste of time? It is. 

Find your happy. When you like you, others will like you. If others still don't like you, it's probably because they don't like themselves, and that's their problem. 

Inform your face that you have joy in your heart. If you can't find joy, maybe this will make you smile:

Thank you fox, for always knowing just what to do.


Alright, lay it on me. What are your weekend plans? 
Did you exercise before dawn today? 
Are you smiling yet?