Friday, July 03, 2015


Loyal readers, we made it!

A big THANKS to you for coming back, time and time again. That Curl can RUN! has hit 5000 pageviews. For a teeny, tiny, nobody blog, that's a big milestone.

I only know about 0.001% of my readers, but this thank you is for all 100% of you.

If anything I've ever written was inspiring, funny, sweet, informative, or generally helpful in any way, then I've done what I set out to do. I share my experiences in hopes that someone can learn or relate. We are all human, we all make the same mistakes, and we all face the same struggles. It's important to see that we are so similar, and in that, we can find joy.

I promise to keep running and writing, curling and growing, reading and doing all the things, and you just keep tagging along.

Have a great weekend!!!

Few words on this Friday, because I can do that, it's my blog

Get well soon, welcome back, and Elmo...

What made this so perfect is this is exactly what I would have done because it would be hilarious to me. He totally got it right.

Daisies. Win.

I had a wonderful birthday. I even had my own sign for the night!

Cutie cutie nephew wanted to be in the picture soooo bad.

We all did a great job of looking unprepared and awkward.

This is what memories should be.

Mom and Dad sent me some pretty pink roses. Always their little girl. Thanks parental units, love them, love you.


Until next year!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

TWPICK Thursday (extra special), and we figured it out!

Here at That Curl can RUN! I have my regular traditions, such as khaki Thursday. Every so often these traditions mix with other cool things, and make an extra special day.


I'm trying really hard to be excited about it. You know in the past they weren't the best days. So far I saw my fave right after midnight, have gotten a heap of well wishes, and a few great cards in the mail. Thanks mom and dad, you totally know me. I do feel as though my mother's words of advice in her card are a bit cryptic, but as I'm supposed to be turning over a new leaf, I'm not going to read into it too much.

I can't lift my arms. This workout is kicking my butt! It's so amazing. You keep hanging in there, I'll share it with you shortly.

 We figured out what 'mystery seeds' grow. Remember the little Gerber dish mom gave me with the black rock-like seeds in it?

They produce Four O'Clocks!

Mom says they'll bloom fully in later afternoon (hence the name) and are a beautiful light pink color.



What are you doing for my birthday?

How is your workout going?

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

What's the future Wednesday, just give me cherries and tell me I'm pretty, and stuffs

Deep conversations with friends about the future

Why do I do this to myself? I really think God puts this stuff on my heart so often because He is trying to get my attention. Why mine? I have no idea, and sometimes, I don't want to find out. How scary (and amazing, and scary) to think that He would want MY attention for anything. Gives me the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.

What do I do when I'm confused after talking to God for an hour? Consult my friend that is struggling to understand His plan too! God probably loves those conversations. I really mean that. I know He loves to see us talking about pleasing Him. But....we aren't so good at it. The good news is, He already knows that. It doesn't make it ok to just put Him on the back burner when we are unsure of our next move, but it does make it ok that we are imperfect. Whew!

Recently we have been discussing where and upon what we should place our life focus. We, as humans, like to make plans for our future, and have hope in the things that will bring us joy and fulfillment.What we are concerned with is that focusing on God more, and furthering His kingdom is what will really fulfill us, but we just spend our time on fitness, family, and fun! (and food) What if He comes back today? Has my focus been on Him enough? What is enough? What should I be denying myself in order to walk closer? Is there anything I NEED to deny myself of? Well, of course there is, I'm human... What about those in this world that spend their entire life dedicated to God (allowing for some sin, they are human too), in comparison to someone like me that carries the name of Christ yet reflects an image of the world on a regular basis? How do we compare in God's final judgement?

I know, don't compare myself to anyone. We don't really know their heart, only God does. But that is yet another ugly trait of being human and not divine. We spend too much time worrying about how we compare to other Christians, how am I doing, what else can I do, what have I done wrong... It's exhausting!

If He is planning to disown me because I spend too much time worrying these things, plus worrying about my arm flab and trying to not cry over vanilla froyo, then I'm in BIG trouble.

Love you!
Cherries = happy

So much. Too much!  I feel like I could explode. A big cherry explosion of yummy amzingness. Thanks JW for inadvertently giving me a new food obsession. Everyone knows I have no self-control when it comes to fruit (or bacon, or tea, or cake balls, or tortilla chips, ....long list)

I bought a 2lb bag at lunch on Tuesday, and I know I ate one pound before 5pm. So, so good.
Robot robot

Today the soreness is real. I walked this a.m. like every MWF, and I'm pretty sure I looked like a robot that was in pain. It's. Bad. But, it's soooo good. You are going to love this workout when I finally decide that I'm not a quitter and keep doing it so I can share it with you. (that was a secret disclaimer basically saying I still may quit because that happens a lot)

Tomorrow is my birthday! What did you get me? Don't give it to me, you know I'm weird like that.

What is your food obsession?

Are you working on your bikini bod?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Okie stuff, caught in the Act, and doing all the things!!

So, we picked a spot for my Okie swag to hang. Bam!

He told me to look like I was having fun in the picture. Not sure what it looks like I'm doing, other than being a poor dresser... I'm guessing he doesn't like me for my after-work fashion sense. I either have professional duds, or running wear. This...this is something.

But look at that Okie schwaaag! Thanks dude!

Back to the Act

 Reading on in Acts 16, Paul and Silas traveled where the Holy Spirit led them. They were beaten and imprisoned for preaching the Word of God. (How many people have been beaten and imprisoned so far? I've lost count!) While in prison they prayed and sang hymns, and God opened the doors and released the shackles from their feet. However, they did not run out to freedom. They remained, as they should, and had the opportunity to convert the jailer! How awesome is that?! Afterwards, they were released without further harm.

If you've seen or read anything online in recent days, you know that Christians are facing a lot of criticism, ridicule, and judgement. We are beginning to see where we are allowed to preach, and where we are not allowed. There are many who call themselves Christian that are fighting against change, but not in a way pleasing to God. There are many who call themselves Christian that are refusing to get involved. Still there are many more that call themselves Christian that are just confused, and lost.

How should we act? How should we approach the opposition? 

Love already won. On the cross. No need to fight anymore. We will continue to face darkness, guaranteed. This world was already fallen, and it is sinking ever more. Take the Word of God and tattoo it on your soul so that you can stand for your belief; do what is right instead of what is easy so you will be seen as true and faithful; stand firm and trust in our Creator to deliver us from this evil so that you will be seen as a true follower of Christ.

Christians will be persecuted in this country some day. The time is coming. I don't know if I want it to happen after I'm gone so I can avoid the pain, or if I want it to be a chapter in my story so that I can stand strong in the face of evil and show it what true love can do. I spent an hour today with God about where this world is going in my time, what my purpose is, and what my future will look like. I'm just as lost as before, and hoping that I have the strength to remain calm until my God-given purpose is fulfilled.
The goings on

Mowing, weeding, fishing, napping, cooking (did I? oh yes, I did. I'm not good at fried stuff, btw), and working out. I have done so much in the past 4 days, and have 4 days left in the work week to do more.
In case you're wondering, today was day 2 of the new fitness training. I've even picked up a workout partner! Hopefully we'll be crushing it on the reg. By Monday I assume my arms and legs won't be functioning, so posts may be delayed as I learn to type with my nose. :)

As you know, I'm an emotional person. There is bound to be some feelings this week. It's my birthday week (month, season, however long I choose), it's end-of-month payroll ON my birthday, and we have a holiday. This all means lots of work, lots of stress, and lots of stuff going on. Say a prayer for my fave that I don't drown him in tears. (ps I finally cried in front of him for really no reason, totally not embarrassed about it, and he totally made me feel like less of a 'tard. Win for him.)


How was your weekend?

What did you have for breakfast?

Did you workout today?? Don't lie....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Good Monday, finally got moving, and not really any news.

Today is a good Monday. My hair looks awesome, I'm wearing my favorite skirt, I remembered to put tanning lotion on all weekend, and I worked out yesterday so I'm sore!


I don't usually follow fitness fads or trends. I believe that cardio, weights, and healthy eating are all you need to get in shape and stay that way. It takes determination, will power, and hard work. No magic pill or potion can substitute. There may be some products that help suppress appetite, or replace meals, but chances are you won't live that way forever, so I don't even start it. I don't want to avoid carbs for the rest of my life, or replace lunch with a shake. If I do, and it works, when I go back to eating normal again, I'll more than likely just gain the weight back. It's pointless.

This week I started a new workout plan that I did find online. I'm not giving any details yet, as I don't want to pump it up and then either give up on it or it be a failure. I'll keep you updated on results as they come forth.

I kept myself busy this weekend doing great things. No one particular activity topped any other. I only had a few feeling this weekend, they didn't get in the way too much though.

Come back tomorrow for a Co-garden update, a report on things I did, other stuff!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pre-birthday stuff, and Friday fun!

Did you know that when people like you, they get you things for your birthday? I always knew my parents did, but they have to, it's the law. Other people don't HAVE to though, so if they do, it's because you are super awesome or, they are scared of you. OR BOTH!!!

I got a pre-birthday surprise last night from my fave. I'm very excited to try it out. I'll post this weekend to show you how it goes.

I had a nice lunch date today, got a good book to read in my down time, and made a promise to myself to run after work.

25 days until vacation. Time to get serious!
 (like it really matters. I love myself, just how I am, but my clothes don't feel the same way)

Tonight is all about running, lawn mowing, cooking, eating, and relaxing. Garage sales tomorrow, and the usual un-planned weekend of mystery that I get myself into. 

Check back when you can to see if I post any hints about my fun. Otherwise, see you back here Monday!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

TWPICK Thursday, a great show, and my birthday is near!

I know you come here to hear me complain, and you lucked out today!

The internet guy was supposed to be at my house by 3pm yesterday. He showed up, unannounced, at 7am. Super great. I had just gotten out of the shower, had to throw on the closest awful thing I could find, and stand outside with him and sweat. Super duper great. Then I find out he can't finish the job before I leave for work, and I had just wasted all of my good 'gettin' ready' time. Guess what happened next? Yep, I cried. When 'wants' become a hassle, I don't want them anymore. When 'wants' take up more of my time than they should, it's time to move on. This 'want' is really starting to be a pain in the...

After he did his civic duty of talking me off of my ledge we made an arrangement for him to come back this evening.

Then I had to find anything appropriate for work that would fit (remember, I haven't been working out?), I had to try really hard to not hate my hair, and head to work without breakfast or coffee. Today is not my fave TWPICK Thursday.
Neal McCoy and the new Choctaw Event Theater

We have an awesome new venue that just opened last night, and were honored to be among the first to see it. We went to the Neal McCoy concert, which was also a comedy show of sorts. He is quite the entertainer. It was a soft opening so he had freedom to interact with the audience, pointing out those that showed up late, an elderly couple that danced the night away, taking pictures with fans, and teasing security for being a bit lazy.

I always enjoy nights out with my fave, and this was no different.

**If you get to SE Oklahoma, check out the Choctaw Event Theater!**

If you're not 32, there's something wrong

The OBI volunteer counted stickers on my donation kit yesterday, 32 of them. I asked it there was one for each year old I am, because I haven't turned 32 just yet. He said they don't represent age, it's the standard number they need, and if they don't equal 32, there is something wrong. I agree! This is a good way to look at this year's birthday. If you aren't 32, there's something wrong!

Birthdays also mean presents. I've never been the best at receiving gifts. I don't remember anything happening to cause me to be shy about it, I have always been this way. I remember trying to open my Christmas gifts as a kid when no one was looking, not wanting the attention on me. Why? Who knows?! I LOVE attention. Anyway, with my b-day coming up next week, I know a few people in my life will likely want to give me something on my special day, and I'm working on the nerve to be a gracious receiver. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially when they take the time (and likely money) to think of me. 

If you got me a gift, and are giving it to me in person, just know, it's hard for me, but I'm already super honored that you would do that. If you're mailing to me, you're going to miss out on my awkward face. Sorry!