Thursday, September 18, 2014

Taking a break is overrated

Ok, so it depends on WHAT you take a break from.

This summer I have taken breaks from: blogging, running, yoga, ummm...*clears throat* marriage, church, and....oh, my brain.

Most of this isn't soooo bad. The bad part is that all of it is what makes me, well, me. Without any one part, I'm not totally me. I'm ok with that though.

Let me explain a bit better.

I stopped blogging because 1.) I don't have a computer or internet at home, and I H.A.T.E. blogging on my phone. 2.) work has been too busy for me to blog in between deadlines. 3.) my blogging inspiration comes from the blogs I typically read, and since IE 9 no longer wants to support blogger, I was without viewing ability until I discovered FireFox. Now I'm inspired again.

I stopped running and yoga due to a serious foot problem. I was told I may need surgery, but after a new MRI and about 16 weeks of rest and no high heels, I am back-ish. I still need custom insoles so it doesn't happen again, but I can start back now.

I 'stopped' marriage because my marriage took a break from me. I went through this about 2 years ago, and another few years before that. I've mourned the loss of my marriage for a long time. I don't talk about it because it isn't your business and it's really kinda boring. I have had hope it would come back around, but it seems one of us is always on another track at the time. What can you say other than 'oh well'. Meh. :)

I stopped church because it is summer and I 'live' at the lake and on the road during the summer. I didn't quit God, let me make that perfectly clear. God and I grow closer in the times when I'm away from the physical church because I'm forced to interact with Him on a personal level only; no 'putting on' or being 'churchy'. Just Him, me, and the truth.

I took a break from my brain. ....uh.....what was I saying? :)

I took a short trip out to the west coast for a friends wedding. I met God around a bend in the road, at the base of a mountain. Sometimes you have to go a long way to realize just how small you are. Maybe small, but of major importance.

Now that I can run again, yoga again, and breath again, I think I'll get back to business as usual.

What have you stepped away from recently?
How did those around you react?
 Have you ever been to the wind farm in the Mojave?? 

Friday, September 20, 2013

So much good news!

Ok, I'll be honest. Most of my good news is just good to me, and no one else really cares. But, you'll care about this one!

I got my 1st sub30 5k time!!!
I gotta say, I'm totally stoked. I ran hard. Really hard. Even the ladies that go walk while I run said I ran hard. My fastest mile was a 9:05. It was my 1st mile, and I had positive splits from there, but I barely cracked the 10 min/mile mark just last week with a 9:59, so this is VERY exciting. I have to keep going, I have my 1st 10k next month. I did a trial run (pun totally intended) to see if I could even survive the distance. I did. I survived it for the whole 6.2 miles at a blazing time of 1:14:5?. I wasn't too depressed about that....until I looked at the 10k times from last years race. Last place: 1:04:?? Ruh-roh. Hey, at least I know I will finish, eventually!

Keep watching! I have more stuff coming!

~2 new baby girls in the family
~a new girl dog at our house
~home remodel updates

Until later...RUN!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nike running app and running early in the am

My neighbor wanted to get back into running. She conned  talked me into going at 5:15 am. I had been going to the gym at this time, but running that early? Ugh.

This is what she gets:

She's a lady, whoa whoa whoa, she's a lady..... monster.

I've stuck to it though. We are on week 3 and I've only missed once, because of an eye infection. No, I can't run with an eye infection...on a 5:15 in.the.morning.

It's mostly cleared up now, I just can't wear contacts. I'm basically blind without contacts or glasses, so you can imagine my fear while trying to decide what that thing was coming after me on the football field today. It was a tackling dummy. And it wasn't moving; I was. Uh....I promise I'm smart.

Worst part is my Nike running app keeps screwing up. Anyone else have this problem? I am still too cheap to buy a Garmin, so I have to live this way, counting laps around the field. It's a real drag to have to keep mental track of your distance when you are trying to not think about your distance.


17 days...

~~Old post left in draft folder. Had to post it. It's too full of information that is too good!~~

It has been 17 days since I washed my hair. Washing in my world is just rinsing my hair out with baking soda and water, then rinsing it with vinegar and water. But, it's been 17 days since I did that.

I'm not gross. My hair doesn't have a smell. It isn't greasy. It isn't dusty/dandruffy. It doesn't look like I belong to a Rastafarian band, mon.

I don't know what your regimine is, but mine has sure taken a nose dive over the years. I really don't do much any more, and every day it looks better and better.

I'm happy. My man doesn't ever complain. And I get more compliments than I can carry in a basket made out of my own locks! (I shed so much I could knit you a sweater. Email me, I'll get you one by Christmas)

17 days don't look that bad, eh? Look at my 'seesters'. Aw! Preggo sis-in-law Jen in black and my hot tamale sis-in-law Liz. We're smiling because smiling's our favorite.

Go run!
Do you wash your hair often/less often?
Do you use a strange hippie method like I do?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Palm trees, hills of death, mangoes, OH MY!!!

I'm back from the Cali coast. ...I know, I don't know why I came back either!

Friday morning I got in a 5 mile run, on the California hills. I want you to know that I didn't plan to run 5 miles because I can't run that far; or so I thought. I was TRICKED into running 5 miles by being told we were running 3 to 4 miles.

West coast running coach:  We'll do 3-4 miles. Can you handle that?

Running Curl:  Yeah, I think so!
Cut to 45 mins later.

WCRC:  Ok, so if we add one more mile,...
WCRC:  As I was saying...if we add another mile, you'd have your 10k. That was 5 miles. Congrats!
RC:  (wheeze, wheeze, pant, pant) Huh? Awesome! I'm going to kill you! Can we walk now? I feel amazing. I think I'm dying. Ok, I'm good. It's time for a mimosa.

I spent time in the pool, the hot tub, and on the rooftop deck. I did morning yoga on that deck btw. I'm sure our friends' neighbors enjoyed that scene.

We visited Mission Beach, old downtown San Diego, and Escondido. We stopped by Comic-Con, saw 3 of the Impractical Jokers, and enjoyed great food.

I'm so happy to be back home though, despite our Oklahoma humidity.


Whatever you do this day, week, month, or season, make sure you enjoy it! This life is short, so take in the beauty that has been bestowed upon us.

What fun thing did you do this summer?
What is your longest distance? Intentional or not...
Do you love mango as much as I do?!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Cheese is a food group

Let's talk about food.

Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. (Notice this says 'nutritious, and maintain life and growth)
nourishment - fare - nutriment - aliment - pabulum
I love food.
I can eat food everyday!
I like spicy food, sweet food, gooey food, and for sure, free food. Food is good. (those don't rhyme and that has always bothered me)
Bodies need food. What they don't need is 'food'. Know what I mean? I can snarf on some Taco Casa, or Bueno, or Qdoba. I like pizza. I like chips and salsa and cheap chicken enchiladas covered in cheese with rice covered in cheese, with a side of queso with some cheese on it.
What I don't like is feeding it to my body every day. I don't like to feel bloated and sluggish.
I want a night out to eat to feel special, not normal.
Aside from eating out, eating in can be just as bad. Prepackaged = preservatives. Prepackaged = mystery. Prepackaged = pretty bad idea.

Grow it. Pick it. Eat it. Food is fuel. Fuel correctly. Get creative. If it is natural, it's good.

Here are some things I've eaten lately. May they help your inspiration and creativity 'grow'.
 Homemade salsa makes rice and beans the best meal ever! Well, along with cheese, and avocado, and sour cream. And cheese. With cheese.
Impromptu lunch. Steamed broccoli, black beans, cheese sticks and avocado. Take that McDeath.
I did go out to lunch once. Sauteed shrimp, rice, and beer. And cheese.
 Last minute lunch at work again. I brought a bowl of pasta and nothing else. Went to grocery store, picked up some parm to shred and a bag of steamable green beans. Easy! (like your mom('s cooking)) hahahaha.

Delivered meal for the new homeowners. Ribs, potato salad, vinegar coleslaw and grapes a la mode (sans the a la mode. ).
 Spinach, corn, black beans, tomato, onion, cilantro, and jala. Topped w/homemade cilantro lime 'ranch'. Eat. This. Forever!
Spinach, red cabbage, tomato and feta. I think I topped it with the cilantro lime 'ranch. Oh, and parm cheese. Dur.
 The Slimcado. I did not eat this. I'm worried about diet produce.... But look at that beautiful backdrop of garlic!!!!
The first tomatoes from my garden this year. Spectacular!
I love me some Italian food. This is homemade cajun turkey alfredo. I know.... Thats a mish-mash. Turkey breast pounded out and smothered in cajun seasoning, whole wheat pasta, and homemade alfredo made from parm cheese, cream cheese, milk and garlic. Drool.
What have you been eating lately?
How often do you eat out? Restaurant or drive-thru....

Long time draft about a house, incomplete work. Grade: F++

This post has been a draft for a month now. I have been holding out to add pics of the house. I still haven't taken pics of the house. So, here ya go. I'll do better next time. :)

June 13th: We closed! I bought a house before hitting the old dirty awesome age of 30. We tried to move in that night, but alas, the a/c wasn't working. 100 degrees and 90% humidity...uh, no thanks. We stayed at the rent house until Sunday, and then hoofed it to the hot house. Blah!

We slept in the dining room with a little a/c until Wednesday, only to find out that the Man had fixed the a/c Sunday, but didn't know it. Super fabulous. We bonded over allergies, snoring and ear plugs. Ain't love grand?

During the sweatfest we opened the windows upstairs to cool it off so that we can shower in the upstairs bathroom. Due to a nice summer wind storm, we now have a broken storm window laying on the roof.

Ah...ownership. Awesome. (read: not!)

All is well with the world now though. Air conditioned, window removed, but not replaced yet.

When buying a house, don't, I repeat, DON'T buy a house. No really, it's cool. Man is loving it. Fixing everything and making huge remodeling plans.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I made it

I'm 30! I didn't wake up with bags under my eyes or least not any new ones. I'm sore from head to toe from my new advanced bootcamp class, but I feel great!

 Here's to the 30s. The 20s are soooo last decade!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your butt, in the future.

According to Google, my town moves at an estimated speed of 850 mph on the Earth's axis. If I run East for 3.1 miles in 33 mins, I'm actually running 28.86 miles, which is more than a full marathon. While discussing this with a friend, we agreed that if you face West while doing Brazil Butt Lift, your booty will reach the future sooner, thus being smaller, faster! It's science people. ...or maybe it's math.  ???

I ran my first 9 min mile last night. I only lasted an additional .5 miles. Speed work takes time.

Need more oxygen on your run?

Running On Air: Breathing Technique

A revolutionary way to breathe can help you run better and sidestep injury.

March 6, 2013

This is just the article I have been needing. It's worth a look, even if you aren't struggling on your daily run. As a recovering smoker, I have trouble with deep breathing, and proper oxygen delivery. I have been taking Astragalus Root for a few months, and have seen a huge improvement. However, breathing technique is very important for reducing injury. You wouldn't tie the two together, but read this, and see how they relate. Click the link above, or link over from here. Good luck out there!